DnA SHENZHEN is the third art fair created by ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair team after Shanghai and Beijing. It is also the first design and art fair. DnA SHENZHEN creates a professional and abundant experience for collectors, potential art consumer groups and art lovers with years of experience and choicest quality. DnA SHENZHEN focuses on design and modern and contemporary art, sets up four main units: Design Unlimited, Le Salon, Art on Paper and Curio. The Design Unlimited unit is aiming to explore modern and contemporary art, present masterpieces from different categories; the Le Salon unit covers selected works of modern and contemporary art, and focuses on the works by unique and attractive masters; the Art on Paper unit focuses on the works on paper, such as contemporary ink painting, original print, photography; the Curio unit provides a platform for Chinese traditional art such as antique artifacts, four treasures.


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Kylie Ying (Qing Lan), an art collector and the co-founder of the ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair,JINGART and DnA SHENZHEN. She is dedicated to promoting contemporary art in China and remains a successful investor in multi-industry, such as media, design, fashion, and health care.

As an art collector, Kylie has built a developed collection, rich in diversity. Some pieces from the collection exhibited by prestigious museums and events, including the New Museum in New York, and the Biennale di Venezia. Kylie donated an installation work by XuZhen a pioneering Chinese artist to the Centre Pompidou in 2015.

Supporting emerging young artists is a vital mission for Kylie: buying art works from them, sponsoring and funding them directly. In 2017, she started the campaign “Young Artist of the Year”, generating corporate sponsorship and media spotlights for many Chinese young artists, which marks her contribution to the art community.



As one of the leading public relations expert in China focus on luxury brands, entertainment, art & design promotions. Bao Yifeng began his career in luxury industry in the 90s. He founded Element Liquid in 2002, and joined Activation Group in 2013.

Driven by his passion in art collection, in 2013, he co-founded ART021 in Shanghai with Kylie Ying and David Chau. In 2018, they founded JINGART, another art fair in Beijing. And in 2021 he co-founded DnA SHENZHEN.



David Chau was born in Shanghai and grew up in Hong Kong and Vancouver. He graduated with dual B.A degree from the University of British Columbia in Art History and International Relations.

Mr. Chau had the opportunity to study under the tutelage of some of the most important scholars including Tsao Hsingyuan and James Cahill, which eventually led him into the art industry.

Mr. Chau is a young and energetic entrepreneur. He is the founder of Metropolis International Leasing Co., Ltd, one of China’s largest fleet management companies. He also sets foot in various other industries, including finance and real estate, and invests in multiple internet-based startups.

He started his art collection in 2003, and ever since then, he has gradually established his own collection and attempted to engage in more in the art world to support young and emerging galleries. Working as co-founder for ART021, JINGART and DnA SHENZHEN.

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